Personal training with a trainer remotely via internet


What is online training?

Online training is a form of cooperation with the client remotely via internet in which the customer submits certain information about his current physical condition, based on which detailed plan is created and program of training and nutrition, based on goal that client wants to achieve.

Training and nutrition plan contains detailed information and quidance on correct way of performing exercises and quantities of food that should be included. Client training can be performed in the gym or at home. For any questions the coach is available 00/24h to the client in resolving concerns and advising.

Depending on the duration of cooperation, the coach and the client are constantly in contact, at agreed intervals client sends the coach feedback on progress and on the basis of these data, adjustments to the training and nutrition are performed to the current condition of the client.

In the time of fast living you need flexibility in training and to adjust the time exclusively to yourself online training is the best solution.

What are the advantages of online training?

Saving time

If you have a little time during the day, you can do training whenever it suits you, without harmonization with the coach as in the case of classic personal training.

Saving money

Online training is a lot more accessible than the classic type of personal training. Also, if you train at home, you will save money for transport to the fitness center.

Your coach is available 00/24h

The online training trainer is constantly available for advice and information, unlike conventional training where your coach is available only for the duration of the training.

Personal privacy

Many people feel uncomfortable in gyms in the presence of other people, especially when you are unhappy with your body. Online training allows you to properly exercise in the privacy of your home without prejudies of others.

Who is in charge of your progress?

Marko Dimitrijević

Graduated coach in sport, licenced master coach SFRS.
Founder and president of the club.

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What can you expect from us

Proffesional trainers

Detailed training programm

Detailed nutrition programm

Training adapted to you

Confidentiality of information

Continuous education

Availability 00/24h

Video material execution of exercises


To whom is training dedicated and what objectives it fulfills?

Training is suitable for both women and men, whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, training sessions are adjusted to your goals and your capabilities.

Form of training is suitable for people who do not have a specific health problem.

The objectives of training can be:
- Reduction in Body weight
- Increase in strenght and muscle mass
- Development of coordination and motor skills
- Increase in flexibility and elasticity
- Stress relief
- Recreational exercise.

Do you want online training with trainer?

Before starting online training with a trainer, please contact us via Viber set, or a mail-in order to meet each other, determine your goals and answer all your possible questions.

> Detailed training programm

> Full meal plan

> Detailed instructions for performing exercises

> Video material performing the exercises

> Customizing the programm and plan according to progress

> Trainer availability 00/24h

If you don't want online training with trainer

We offer you affordable variants of online services, which are based on a single principe of cooperation. These are online training programms and diet plans online. They do not include support of trainers during the implementaion of activies, but you will receive programm training and nutrition plan for the period that you want based on specific information about your condition and the objective, that you provide us by filling out the questionnaire before the actual payment. After that, you yourself perform workout programm or diet plan into action.

Online training programm

> Detailed training programm
> General instructions for performing exercises
x Trainer availability 00/24h
Price: 2500RSD

Online nutrition plan

> Detailed nutrition plan
> General instructions for nutrition
x Trainer availability 00/24h
Price: 2500RSD

By clicking "ORDER NOW", first a questionnaire will be oppened to fill out the information on basis of which we will create a training programm or diet plan. This is followed by payment and execution of the required services.